Escape the Laser Maze Beat the Clock, Conquer the Challenge!

Experience the exhilarating Laser Maze challenge at Realms, where friends can compete to escape the maze in record time. With three distinct difficulty levels, participants can tailor their adventure to their skill level, from beginner to expert. Navigate through a web of dazzling lasers, strategically avoiding detection while racing against the clock. Test your agility, speed, and problem-solving skills in this heart-pounding adventure, perfect for thrill-seekers and competitive spirits alike. Are you ready to conquer the Laser Maze and emerge victorious?

3 Difficulty Modes

Experience Laser Maze thrills with 3 difficulty levels: Easy for beginners, Medium for adventurers, and Hard for masters!

Spectate your friends

Experience the thrill as your friends navigate through the maze of lasers, cheering them on as they conquer the challenge!

1 Hour Sessions

Experience the adrenaline rush in 60-minute Laser Maze sessions - Navigate, strategize, and escape before time runs out!

Fun for everyone

Embark on a thrilling adventure in our Laser Maze! Fun for all ages, navigate the maze in 60 minutes of non-stop excitement!